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Hold Fundraising Events.
Our group is participating in a number of events throughout the year to both raise funds for Free the Children and the projects they are organizing, and to help those in our own community who are in need through food bank drives and working with agencies such as WIN house to improve the lives of those who need our support.
Vow of Silence
Five Days

Halloween for Hunger is an annual event at Ainlay where students go trick-or-treating but instead of collecting candy, they collect food for the Edmonton Food Bank.

Vow of Silence is a school wide event where students remain quiet for 24 hours to raise awareness of issues such as child soldiers, child labour, end sexual exploitation of children throughout the world. Students either remain quiet for 24 hours, or choose to not use social media such as facebook, or their cell phones during this time to bring attention to the lack of a voice experienced by millions of the world's children
Five Days for Freedom is a new campaign at Ainlay. During a week, various activities and events will be occuring in the school. Freedom from poverty, exploitation, thirst, disease and freedom to act will be issues on each day during the week.
We Day