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Present Speaking Engagements.
Since 2008, we have featured speakers representing Me to We. These speakers entertained and informed over 150 of our students about what is involved in moving towards a Me to We lifestyle. We hope to have them back to share their stories again next year.

Emily’s been a passionate advocate for social justice since the age of 16, when she first became involved with Free The Children. The campaigns she organized at her school included a Halloween for Hunger food drive and a 5K run that raised $6,000 to build a school in Kenya. Since then, she’s led projects promoting children’s rights, including a seven-day Vow of Silence and the GuluWalk for Children of Uganda. She volunteered with Free The Children for a year before becoming its B.C. Regional Network Coordinator in 2005. Since then, Emily’s organized and inspired over 5,000 young people across British Columbia.

Spencer first became involved with Leaders Today by participating in a schoolbuilding project in Kenya in March 2008, in conjunction with the Wesley Smiles Coalition. Travelling halfway around the globe opened Spencer’s eyes to his true calling: motivating and inspiring the youth of the world. He is now a part of the Go Global speaking tour, helping young people to believe in themselves and become more socially involved in their communities and abroad.
In 2009, we had Me to We Speakers and international recording artists Keith and Renee out to the school to speak with our group and Ainlay students. They shared their experiences travelling the world and working for Me to We. Their word and thoughts inspired students to go out and make a difference in the world.
Their songs are inspirational and spread the message that Me to We is the way to live. Music is a universal, powerful way to unite the world and bring us all together. Their hope is to carry on the legacy of musicians from past generations and to spread a powerful message of change.
With Me to We, Keith and Renee have volunteered in Kenya and other areas living in the communities they worked in.